Marsha Haygood was a welcomed addition to our team.  During a time of rapid and stressful changes, Marsha was the professional, level headed and innovative consultant we could always count on.  She is a pleasure to work with!

A. Goldberg
Publishing, EVP Marketing

I have known and worked with Marsha Haygood since she was the EVP of Human Resources for New Line Cinema and I was the SVP of Talent Development at Time Warner. Marsha and I interacted at Time Warner on a number of strategic HR initiatives, including leadership development; succession management/planning; and diversity training for our most senior executives. We also collaborated on executive coaching and the handling of difficult human resources issues. Through those experiences with Marsha, I developed a deep respect for Marsha’s knowledge, effectiveness and her straight forward, transparent and decisive leadership style.

Since that time, I have worked with Marsha in a number of different capacities. Marsha has a thriving business as a motivational speaker and coach. She has spoken for an organization that I am associated with on several occasions and the participants found the information of great benefit and most importantly, they were motivated to try new approaches. Marsha is also an effective coach; able to provide feedback and methods for individuals to gain personal insight into their leadership styles and/or their effectiveness in their work, leading to beneficial changes in behavior.
Marsha is the co- author of the book “Little Black Book of Success” which provides anyone in the workforce with a practical tool kit on how to be successful in the workplace. I highly recommend Marsha as a coach; a motivational speaker; facilitator; or HR consultant.

 C. Augustine
SVP Human Resources