Working with Marsha is purpose personified.  She patiently guides you through strategic planning and goal-setting exercises that will help you map out a plan to reach your objectives.  Not only does she challenge your thinking, but she also encourages you to stay the course, even when the going gets tough.  Step into your purpose by working with StepWise Associates.

– M. Banks

I truly enjoy working with Marsha. Not only is she the epitome of professionalism, she is also very caring and genuine. Marsha’s career coaching skills and expertise helped me better organize and focus on my business. Before working with Marsha, I felt like a hamster on a spinning wheel.  The wheel has definitely stopped spinning now. Working with Marsha is definitely a rewarding experience.

– E. Rivera
Small Business Owner

Marsha Haygood has created the absolute perfect medium to assist individuals preparing for the next step in their career.  In addition to exploring tangible opportunities, I was afforded a comfortable environment that promoted unique exercises whereby I did self-strategizing and self-exploration to garner new revelations about my overall goals and objectives in my career and life.

StepWise Associates promotes self evolution to actualize your absolute best in your career and personal sector.  At a time when I was transitioning in my career and taking on greater responsibilities, Marsha guided me towards building reasonable self-metrics as well as helping me redefine success on my terms.  As a result, my career continues to flourish and I continue to employ the skill set and learnings obtained during my development work with StepWise.

I am more confident and poised in my choices because of the work I did with Marsha.  I am able to observe and appreciate the present with greater confidence, granting me more assurance regarding the future.  No longer consumed in my older nonsense and fears about risks, my metamorphosis has brought me to new heights in my life.

Account Executive