List of Topics

A partial list of our signature training topics include:

  • Brand “You”: Beyond the Resume
    This seminar explores the relationship between how you are perceived and how you want to be presented.  Participants learn the key concepts of branding and leave with an understanding of how to develop and promote their personal brand and positive visibility both within and outside their organization.

  • Straight No Chaser: Surviving and Thriving in Changing Times
    This session focuses on what must be done during times of change to manage your career while adding value to your organization. It includes techniques for analyzing new and old behaviors and managing expectations to create a winning situation for all involved.

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
    Feedback is an important part of our communication process.  This seminar explores ways to give and receive feedback and conduct critical conversations to improve performance.

  • Next Moves: What Got You Here Won’t Keep You Here
    This seminar is for professionals that have recently assumed greater responsibility or want to. Techniques for managing up, down and across; new work habits, networking and managing expectations are discussed.

  • Making It Happen: Creating Your Playbook for Success
    This interactive seminar leads participants through a process to map out their personal playbook.  Participants describe their ideal success criteria and develop a strategic action plan. Passion and potential are also discussed and attitude and behaviors to foster success at all levels are identified.

  • Embracing Change: Converting Threats to Opportunities
    This seminar leads participants through an analysis of their personal Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.  Through interactive exercises, participants can build on their strengths and transform perceived weaknesses and threats to opportunities.


  • Changing Lanes: Where do I go from here?
    This seminar is perfect for those entering or exiting a profession. Self-assessment and career planning are discussed.


  • Presentation Skills Training
    This workshop offers techniques for developing effective  public speaking and facilitation skills while boosting confidence to present to a group of any size.