What to Expect

A Coach listens, lends support, motivates, challenges, collaborates, asks insightful questions and strategizes with you.

A coaching relationship with StepWise Associates offers:

  • Objective feedback
  • Confidential, non-judgmental atmosphere
  • Convenience of flexible sessions
  • Direct one-on-one assistance
  • Fast results when linked to a development plan
  • Expertise and experience of a business professional

Coaching is a process that fosters self evaluation and reflection. The desired result is to develop an action plan that will outline steps that can be used as a guide in your career and personal growth.

Insight and guidance that can result from a positive coaching experience include:

  • Clearer goals – clients have the opportunity to view situations looking and thinking about other points of view
  • Increased self awareness – clients identify their personal behavior style, their strengths and areas where changes might be made
  • More ideas and options – the coaching environment encourages creative suggestions and may offer a different perspective on ideas
  • Success strategies – coaching can help clients clarify what competencies are needed for success and help devise a development plan to get there