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Managing Your Brand

Managing your brand is an important part of your success. Are you doing all that you can to promote and protect it?

Organizations are familiar with developing their brand and they know that hiring professionals to develop and protect their brand is crucial.  But what about your ‘brand’? How are you perceived?  Do you know what thoughts or images come to mind when the discussion is about you?

Brands, whether those of organizations or of individuals, have never been more vulnerable than they are today.

With the internet facilitating and encouraging non stop critiques of how organizations are run and social media encouraging discussions that reveal opinions with little or no filter, perceptions and reputations, right or wrong are formed.

More and more, judgments are being formed not only by what you say and do but by what is said and done by those that you associate with.

Your “friends”, “fans” and “followers” help form an opinion about your interest, your values and your judgment.

As a career/life coach, I encourage clients to be strategic about managing their brand. I suggest to organizations that I work with to monitor how they are viewed as an employer and I encourage individual clients to ask for feedback on how they are perceived from friends, family and colleagues, paying careful attention to adjectives used in the description.

It is important to ensure that your actions reinforce and enhance how you want to be viewed. Are you doing all that you can to develop, promote and protect how you are perceived?  If not, it’s not too late to put a plan into action.  Let me know if I can be of help.


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