• StepWise Associates, LLC is a full-service Career and Personal Development consulting firm. Our mission is to create a collaborative and confidential safe harbor for clients to uncover and maximize their skills and talents or that of their workforce. We offer Individual and Group Career/Life Coaching Services, Motivational/Public Speaking, Training and Consulting Services to individuals and organizations.
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  • Organizations

    With over 25 years as a Human Resources Executive, Marsha Haygood brings a multicultural perspective to her consulting with individuals and organizations. She has advised Senior Management and coached employees at all levels. Stepwise offers the option to customize services or to select from our signature services.

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  • Individuals

    Feeling stuck or not totally fulfilled?
    We offer advice and guidance to those who can benefit from working with a strategic thinking partner.
    At StepWise Associates, we help our clients create, plan and implement strategies to reach career and life goals and to Move Forward with Purpose.

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